Yamaha Digital Pianos Portable P-125A Black (NEW)

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The Yamaha P-125a digital piano is so compact that its authentic, dynamic piano sound must be experienced to be believed. Featuring Yamaha’s tried-and-true 88-key GHS keyboard, this wonderful instrument delivers beautiful sounds and a satisfying acoustic piano playing experience. The slim, refined design makes the P-125a a fine addition to any room in the house. The lightweight, compact main unit fits everywhere and goes anywhere—even small live music venues. It is equipped with everything you need to practice and perform in your own way, from app compatibility to a headphone jack, preset rhythms, and more.


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Genuine Yamaha piano quality in sound and touch

The piano sound of the P-125a is based on the Pure CF Sound Engine, which faithfully reproduces the sound of the renowned Yamaha concert grand piano based on carefully recorded samples, delivering enriched tone attuned to how softly or intensely you play. Enjoy the same broad range of expression you would on a grand piano. It is the result of over a century of acoustic piano craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

In addition, the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) 88-key piano keyboard provides a heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, so it can be played with the expressiveness of an acoustic piano.

The lush experience of full immersion in grand piano-like sound


When a grand piano is played, the entire instrument resonates, and the sound spreads both upward and downward. The P-125a is designed to mimic this property of grand pianos so that the resonance envelops you as you play.

The speakers for the higher register emit sounds instantaneously to improve the response of the instrument. This makes it easy to perform classical music as well as jazz, pop, and other genres where the sound needs to hit hard and fast. The speakers for the low register emit deep, rich sound that belies the compact body of the instrument. We optimized the balance between these 2-way speakers to simulate clear sound quality and stereophonic resonance from attack to decay in all registers. This allows you to enjoy playing in a grand piano-like sound field.

P-125a stand and pedal for different situations and playing styles

The product line features a P-125a stand (L-125) and three pedals (LP-1)—including the rightmost damper pedal, which is compatible with half-pedaling—for more nuanced performance when you want to play classical tunes at home. The compact case makes the P-125a easy to transport as well, and for that, we offer a keyboard bag designed specifically for the P-125a. For more information about compatible accessories, please visit the Accessories page.

All the usability and convenience you can only find in a digital piano

The main functions—volume control, metronome, recording, and voice control—are presented in a straight-line, minimalist button interface to make them easy for everyone to understand and operate. The simple appearance is muted and unassuming so that you can concentrate on playing. Connect headphones to enjoy playing whenever you want.

The P-125a is also equipped with 20 preset rhythms, including pop, jazz, and Latin. Play along with these rhythms at your desired tempo to make playing solo more fun than ever before, and enjoy the useful Dual Voice and Split Keyboard functions.

The Table EQ function optimizes the sound when the P-125a is played atop a desk or table, ensuring responsive piano tone even without the dedicated stand.


The P-125a has a simple, refined appearance balanced exquisitely with an elegance befitting traditional acoustic pianos. The tasteful, minimalist design not only blends in naturally with contemporary spaces, but is capped by carefully appointed details that make the instrument easier to play and operate by prioritizing your line of sight.

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