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DGB1K ENST Yamaha Disklavier

The Disklavier Enspire DGB1K ENST is the first Baby Grand piano with the Enspire Standard Yamaha Disklavier Player Piano System.  Only available on new select pianos from Yamaha the Disklavier Player System is the best piano reproducing system on the Market and has been for over 30 years.


Piano Soft Solo  – Elegant Piano pieces performed for you on your piano.

Piano Soft Plus – Piano Performances including Midi Background Tracks

Piano Soft Audio – New for the Enspire! – Piano Performances accompanied by real vocals and instruments!

Choose from over Ten Thousand Song Titles  -  The Yamaha Disklavier Comes Pre-Programmed with over 500 songs in Multiple Genres.


Internet Radio and TV Integration

Piano Radio – Allows you to Enjoy over 35 stations of Online Radio through your Disklavier!  Multiple Genres available in the solo, plus and audio format.  

Disklavier TV – Integrates your Television with your Disklavier Piano.  Enjoy Live Performances and On Demand Music Videos.  A True Multi Media Experience!


Acoustic and Digital Play Back

Every Disklavier Enspire ST & PRO Features a modified Yamaha SILENT Piano System.  Enjoy Playing your piano as an Acoustic Instrument or be able to listen to the piano beyond it’s natural abilities with the SILENT system activated.  Your Piano can play back whisper soft, be streamed through your house stereo system, Amplified and is always in Tune!   You can also practice with headphones and record on a thumb drive.


Technologically Discreet, Acoustically Elegant

A streamlined control panel allows for simple tactile control while remaining hidden from view, providing the elegant look one would expect from a finely crafted Yamaha acoustic piano.



Height  –  39″

Width – 57″

Depth – 5′

Weight – 629 Pounds



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