Rotosound RS85 Ukulele String

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Rotosound Rs85 Laguna Ukulele Strings Rotosound Rs85 Laguna Monofilament Nylon Ukulele Strings (23 29 29 23)

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Instrument    Soprano / Concert Ukulele
Number of Strings    4-String Set
Material    Monofilament Nylon
Tuning    A D F# B
Set Details    Key of D - D Tuning
Gauge (high to low)    23 , 29 , 29 , 23
Tie-On / Ball End    Tie-on
RS85 Precision Nylon Monofilament Ukulele Sets

Rotosound RS85 Ukulele strings are the result of over 40 years research.  Finely selected materials and precision winding are the characteristics of these superb sets, along with a bright sound and durable nature.

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